Project Summary

Target of the project is to consider, whether, to what extent and on what level instruments for easy orientation in the bid of various educational and training courses, i.e. in the area of life education and informal curriculum can be made up.

Participants in project will be advised of how their partners in the EU and associated countries (Turkey) treat such information, which methods and forms they use (networks or only references on websites, or printed materials and the like).

Of great importance will be context of information on options in life education; what is creation of educational units (courses) motivated by, that is to say how it will be affected by national and regional requirements and needs or by the EU directives and recommendations (and depending on the EFQ-European framework of qualification). This intention is also related to the choice and formation of target groups, covering ethnic minorities, immigrants, age groups at risk, the unemployed, women, etc. – those ones, who always depend on local, regional or national conditions.

More information about our CiLLL project in the website

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