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CiLLL Second Summary document

Good practices in Life Long Learning

Experiences in Almería (Spain) to improve the training and counselling (especially for people in need: foreign, adults, drop out young people, migrants, disabled...)

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Draft Turkish Summary Doc

Administration of education up to Higher education is centralized under the Ministry of National Education(MEB).
In Turkey, most pupils or students are enrolled in public institutions at all levels of education (pre-school education 91.2%; primary schools 98.3%, secondary education 97.4% and higher education 94%).
Private primary and secondary schools are funded independently. Pre-school education is optional for children under six years of age. Therefore, approximately a-fourth students are attending the preschools (nursery schools or classes).
Compulsory education begins at the age of six years. Educational administration is centralised under the Department of Education.
Educational activities in the eighty one Turkish provinces are organised by the directors of education (Local Education Authorities-LEAs) who are appointed by the Ministry of National Education.
Assessment of children with special educational needs is provided in guidance and research centres under the Department of Education (LEAs).
Teacher training for primary and secondary teachers is to bachelor’s degree level and takes place over four years.
All teachers who work for the Ministry of National Education are civil servants whose salaries are paid by the state.


Spanish draft First Summary Doc

Comparison of education system, the job market, formal, non-formal and informal curricula in each country, exchange information.

Orientation in the labyrinth of new offers of education is possible above all by means of carefully formulated advisory instruments, especially within career counselling. Since counselling is based on data on formal education (courses, schools) and its informal direction is not yet arranged into a system, we suggest that there must first be made up or better be creating an image and structure of informal occasions of education. Subsequently or parallely to this process it is necessary to form a new field or section of counselling as follows: life education counselling.

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